Saturday, June 30, 2012

Welcome to the Idea Jar

I found this old jar in an antique shop.  It's been collecting dust on a shelf for years.  It was tired of being empty.  I filled it with ideas for warm up exercises.  They are quick one or two lines of text that can be first lines or appear somewhere in the middle of a written piece.  We all need a little spark to get the engines roaring once in a while.

I invite you to share what you've written, based on the prompt,  in the comments.  It can be a  piece of flash fiction, a section of a short story, or a piece to be developed later.  It doesn't matter where it leads, it's just for fun and part of the fun is sharing.  I would request that you try to keep your submissions to less than 1000 words and the submissions should include the prompt.  If you would like feedback from other contributors, please preface your submission indicating that you would.

I will share my writing the day following the prompt.  For me, these are writing exercises to activate my right brain, so what I share will be rough and unedited.

There are only a few rules, they are mostly common sense, but please take the time to look at them before submitting.  The first prompt, randomly selected from the Idea Jar, will appear on Monday July 2nd, 2012.